Oh How We Need Some Rain!

It is dry, dry, dry. And these tiny scattered showers and slightly cooler temps do not count as water as far as the plants are concerned. Even if your yard gets what you might consider ‘enough’ rain, please do not turn off the irrigation for that week. I am all for water conservation, but plants occasionally need a deep watering that irrigation alone cannot provide and these scattered showers alone cannot provide. But, combine the two, and your lawn and gardens just might get the deep watering they have been lacking for these many hot dry weeks.
It is also a good time to spray the lawn, perennials, shrubs, and any other plants your hose can reach, with a liquid fertilizer full of micro nutrients to help the plants get through this awful heat. Use an organic liquid fertilizer that has molasses, seaweed, and fish emulsion. There are several brands available to choose from. Most of them can be applied every two weeks, but always read application instructions as concentrations and recommendation can change.

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